If there is one type of play that comes to mind when talking about fetish or BDSM, it is domination and submission. Succes of a movie like ’50 shades of grey’ and Netflix series ‘Bonding’ only show how much this topic intrigues and inspires. At the same time, when unfamiliar with the topic, one is likely to think about whips, chains, masks and dark dungeons, things that are of the associated with the topic.

So… what is domination and submission exactly? Why can it be so powerful and fulfilling? And what are the possibilities if you want to explore this kind of play, step by step? This section of BRAVE helps you to discover all about it by offering you experience stories, in depth articles and links to other sites, as well as further things to try or do when you’d like to explore this yourself. That is… if you’re brave enough…!